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Naike Rivelli: “Big Brother Vip? Better to die poor”

The next edition of Big Brother Vip will be conducted by Alfonso Signorini, and it seems that this is enough to Naike Rivelli to reject the invitation of Mediaset: “Better to die poor than get rich of the trash of Mediaset. This year leads Signorini, save who can,”. The refusal of Naike Rivelli has arrived on the social.

Giulia De Lellis closed out on vacation with the little Matilda: “Oh my god, we open”

A small inconvenience for Giulia De Lellis, which remains closed off from the holiday home in Sardinia in the company of the little Matilde. A few minutes, then finally the sister manages to open the door and to “save them”. The beautiful influencer has taken the opportunity to joke with her followers.

Laura Ravetto a victim of the fetish: “I Get messages amazing on my feet”

Laura Ravetto, the deputy of Parliament of Forza Italia, was a guest at “A Day in Sheep”, the radio program of Rai Radio1 conducted by Giorgio Lauro and Geppi Cucciari. Their microphones have detected to be a victim of the fetish of feet: “One thing that has me upset, since then I wear only closed shoes”.

Belen Rodriguez responding to fans: “Stefano De Martino? He knows how to do everything”

Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez were engaged together in an event in a local Milan, he in the guise of a dj for a night, and in the photo, published on Instagram, someone writes: “he Now knows to put the plates?”. Belen Rodriguez defends instantly to his companion: “He knows how to do everything.”

Elena Santarelli: “I learned not to make plans, only dream of a life without trauma”

The disease from which it is cured the little James has been deeply changed by mama Elena Santarelli, the showgirl who today look with new spirit to the future. “I learned not to do programs,” she says, making it clear how important it is to live in the moment. And dreams for the future he has clear ideas: “I Dream of a peaceful life, without traumas”.

Romina Power in the hospital, claiming to have been an intervention: next to her daughter Romina

Romina Power e-mail a photo from the hospital. In the caption of the image in which appear only the hand and wrist with the nameplate that shows his / her personal data, the singer writes: “All is well that ends well. Thanks to all the doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists”. Beside her, the daughter Romina who celebrates the courage and writes: “Strong woman”.

“Raoul Bova jealous of a colleague of Rocio Munoz Morales”, the pair would be in crisis

Only last November, Rocio Munoz Morales and Raoul Bova celebrating the arrival of the little Alma, and now everything seems to be questioned after the leaks published by the weekly “Today”. The actor not like the attachment of Rocio to the work and the closeness of an actor in the mysterious.

“Pierluigi Gollini has betrayed Giulia See, the girl did not know that he was my boyfriend”

Is the weekly Spy to reveal what would have been the reasons of the break between Giulia See and Pierluigi Gollini. According to reports, during a vacation in Sardinia, the goalkeeper of Atalanta would have known a pierre and spent the night with her. The girl, named Benedetta, would have insured that he did not know that Gollini had a boyfriend.

Silvia See: “I have forgiven Fabrizio Corona but I love Giorgio De Stefano, a man who respects me”

Silvia Steps to confirm the love with Giorgio De Stefano, that “Malefix” whose pseudonym became known already at the time of the participation of the singer in the Big Brother Vip. “I have forgiven my ex,” said Silvia, who claimed to have now turned over the page: “George respects me, is not a narcissist”.

Angela need feeding goats, with Guido Grimaldi Grimaldi Lines: on the social is already talk of new love

A photo taken in Capri has triggered the man-hunting: Angela need feeding has been photographed at dinner with Guido Grimaldi, owner of Grimaldi Lines. The young man credited as the last flirt of the former tronista of Men and Women living between London and Naples, and, according to someone, he would already have made inroads in the heart of the Baby that need feeding.