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Paloma Accident: Mika Traumatized by Sister’s Tragedy, Impaled on Fence

Paloma was very lucky.

Family is of utmost importance to Mika, and his world was shaken when his elder sister Paloma was involved in a terrible accident. It happened in October 2010, an event that still remains fresh in the former coach of The Voice’s mind (he left the program in 2019). Paloma was smoking at the window of her London apartment when she suddenly lost her balance and fell 15 meters, impaling herself on the iron grille below. She was rushed to the Royal London Hospital and her life hung in the balance for many hours. The Sun reported that Paloma had undergone major leg and abdominal surgery, but was doing remarkably well considering what had happened. Mika was deeply relieved to still have his sister by his side and spoke about the accident in 2015 on Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s show. He revealed that Paloma had been born with a disability on one side, and that her desire for independence had led her to move into her own apartment, despite there being stairs. On the night of the accident, Mika had gone home after helping her move, and it was her roommate who had informed him of the drama. When he arrived, he saw Paloma in that state and said a prayer that she would either pass away that night or go on to lead a wonderful life – thankfully, the latter occurred. In 2014, Mika spoke about the incident again, this time on 50′ Inside, and said that Paloma had miraculously escaped with no brain damage and was now able to walk alone. It was a stroke of luck for Paloma and Mika, who will never forget the Paloma accident.



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