Paola Barale a “Live – it is Not the D’urso”: “my ex? Into oblivion”

Paola Barale is not a woman who loves to take on the private life, but when he does, he does not spare anybody. In an interview in the latest installment of the Live – it is Not the D’urso, the tv presenter and showgirl advantage of it to speak of the loves that have been part of her life: her ex-husband Gianni Sperti and the fiancΓ© Raz Degan. “Inside me I have forgotten where I put the people that I have done wrong. Those people that I saw in the movies ended up into oblivion.

I have no pleasure to talk about these people,” the specific Paola before going into the merits.

Paola Barale against Alfonso Signorini
“Who made these pictures has violated my home” #noneladurso

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“I have said that, at the time of my marriage with Gianni Sperti, he had the idea of making a child. But I was working more and I believe that to make a child are required, and different warranties. We left after that, obviously, those guarantees were not there. I was the head of the household, carry out everything Iworked always and only me,” says Paola insisting on the concept of motherhood. “We need to stop thinking that a woman is realized only through the children. Having children is an act of great responsibility”.

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On Raz Degan, instead, Paola Barale slides, even if it seems that the two do not feel they are from a different time. And to think, three years ago, many were not thinking about a possible rapprochement, in view of the victory of him to the Island of the Famous, Paola joined him directly to Cayo Cochinos, making him a surprise and more than welcome. In the meantime, it is clear that Paola is ready for a professional future full of satisfaction: when one of the commentators of the program asks you why you don’t see on tv, she replied jet, “I wonder too”. And who knows, maybe the possibility of seeing her again on the small screen with greater frequency, not the next.