Paola Iezzi Pride: Arisa’s Unfortunate Comment. Reply: Learn to Live.


A New Back and Forth

After the Fedez-Luis Sal issue, another back and forth is stirring up the world of entertainment. In the course of a conference in view of the Rome Pride, in fact, Paola Iezzi – godmother of the event together with her sister Chiara – returned to the words of her colleague Arisa, who in a recent interview given to Peter Gomez had expressed her appreciation for Giorgia Meloni, then arguing her statement but still ending up at the center of a media whirlwind, so much so as to choose not to attend the Milan rainbow parade. “She made an unfortunate exit: obviously I don’t agree with what she said, but I don’t feel like judging her,” Paola emphasized. “Artists often live in fear of not working, not all of us have the same coverage, not all of us have the same self confidence in expressing ourselves. I think she has suffered discrimination in her life and this leaves big traumas from which it is difficult to escape. We must however keep the focus on the important aspects of Pride”.

Arisa’s Response

Arisa’s response was not long in coming: “Dear Paola, I have always respected you. I’m sorry to see you talk like this about me, without trying to put a good word between me and the LGBTQ + community, even though you know the unpleasant period I’m going through regarding this topic. I would have done it, I would have looked for the good to try to bring peace. Instead you took the applause while you defamed a colleague of yours and said things that were not true. I am a person who supports LGBTQ + rights, as I explain in the interview.”

The Final Blow

“I don’t have self confidence? Let’s see. Am I afraid of not working? No, maybe you have this fear, that’s why you are a slave to certain things. I am not a slave to anything: I love, without restrictions, and to love is also to say no,” adds the singer in a social video, before the final blow. “If you meet me on the street, don’t greet me, because hypocrites disgust me. The truth will come out: I really work for the LGBTQ + community. Grow up, don’t talk bad about people who aren’t there: you are almost fifty years old and you still haven’t learned to live.


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