Paola Perego, the son, dj, is negative result at Covid: “I Want to reassure all”

The son of Paola Perego is the result negative for the Coronavirus. After days of waiting to be able to make the first buffer, the dj 24-year-old Riccardo Carnival, has received the outcome and breathed a sigh of relief. To give the news, it’s been the same guy through a Instagram Story: “The tell why I feel compelled to reassure all the people who have been in contact with me and my girlfriend in the past few days. The first swab was NEGATIVE for both of us.” Out of danger, therefore, also the girl, who had accompanied the party to the Capannuccia Ansedonia. Hot, Paola Perego said: “For all of us it is a sigh of relief”, according to a report in The Messenger. To worry the families, the outbreak broke out among the clubs of the Costa Smeralda, after that 7 guys were positive results to Covid.

The concern of Paola Perego

Paola Perego had expressed his concern in the last hour, waiting to hear the outcome of the buffer. In an interview with the Messenger had told the story of the odyssey of the fson, Riccardo, in an attempt to undergo the first test, got, finally, after 6 hours in a row at a drive in of the Labarum, on the outskirts of Rome. To alarm the presenter on the state of health of her son, was the news of the positivity of Lorenzo Palaces, the friend and fellow dj Richard: they had worked together for an evening in Porto Rotondo, a few nights before. On the pages of the Messenger had expressed his anxiety:

Do dance to these guys all stuck and sweaty, should not be allowed. He went there to work after a long lockdown. Now we wonder if it was really necessary to reopen the nightclubs to close them again shortly after. What is served?

The vent of Lucio Presta

To want to say on the matter of the swab, waited for 4 days, was also Lucio Presta, agent in the world of the show and husband of Paola Perego. Pay has failed to curb the anger of the inefficiency of the system of the buffers, but also for the choices of the government related to the closings:

In the meantime, we are at day 4 , immediately close the dancing! Perfect, but in the meantime this guy who has been following the protocol that YOU HAVE PROVIDED IN THESE CASES, which should you do? Interested in someone or do a little’ how the hell are you think? We want to ensure that he and the others can be sure if they are positive or not, and behave as you should according to the case? Also this time we will take a little bit of luck and a lot of patience.