Paolo Ruffini denies cheating on Diana Del Bufalo: “She left me”.


The End of Paolo Ruffini and Diana Del Bufalo’s Relationship

The truth is, it was 2019 when Paolo Ruffini and Diana Del Bufalo announced the end of their relationship. Actually, it was her who announced it, rather angry about what later turned out to be perhaps Ruffini’s betrayal with Roman tattoo artist Vanya Stone. Who knows why, Ruffini has decided to clear things up only now, denying the gossip about his betrayal. No other woman, but a decision that, Ruffini says, was taken by Diana Del Bufalo herself, a bit suddenly and without much explanation. “The incredible thing is that one day we went out to dinner and she simply told me ‘I don’t feel like being with you anymore'”, declared the actor and director from Livorno. “I accepted it and it was over. We were both very sad”, he added.

Diana Del Bufalo’s Post-Breakup Posts

That it was a tormented goodbye, in fact, was already guessed, also from the posts of the comedic actress protagonist of the 2022 season of LOL. “People don’t change and they don’t change each other”, was one of the considerations that Del Bufalo entrusted to Instagram after the break-up. “The great disappointment and immense suffering that made me cry on the floor of my room, made me a woman and for this I thank him”. In fact, it was she herself – with the same means with which now Ruffini tells another version of the story – who had told that at the origin of the break-up there had been precisely his betrayal. “I said to him: ‘I’m sorry if I made you believe that I was in agreement with this polyamory thing'”, Diana Del Bufalo had told in an interview in 2020. “I’m very far from this conception of sentimental relationships”. “What I don’t accept are the comments of those who say ‘When a love ends, it’s always wrong for two’. Sometimes it’s not like that. Sometimes only one is wrong, that is, him, Paolo. I never made a mistake in our story”. She concluded.

Paolo Ruffini’s Unexpected Reopening

And the case seemed to be closed. Until the unexpected reopening that, despite the kind words reserved for the ex ( “I think she’s a fantastic girl and I’m very happy that she is fulfilling what she always told me, that is, to do musicals”), probably will not remain without an answer.


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