Party Pieces: Michael & Carole Middleton Selling Family Business


Retirement might be on the horizon for the parents of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, Michael and Carole. It has been confirmed that Party Pieces, the company founded in the late 1980s that specializes in party decorations and items, has been sold to James Sinclair, CEO of Partyman. Sinclair has now made his latest “business goal” a reality, as he announced the acquisition on Instagram. Carole and Michael Middleton have disposed of their company, Party Pieces, after the pandemic induced a crisis in the industry. Sky News reported that the Middleton’s decision was driven by the debts that had been accumulated during the period of inactivity due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This marks the end of an epoch in the Middleton family’s history. It was in 1987 when Carole had the idea to create party pieces for the fifth birthday of her eldest daughter Kate. She wanted clown-themed items, but was unable to find them, so she began to craft festive pieces from her own kitchen. From party bags, designed to contain sweets and small gifts, to more elaborate supplies, what started as a simple idea quickly grew into a successful business. “Party Pieces has grown up with my family,” Carole Middleton said in an interview with Sheer Luxe. Her three children were involved in the company, with Pippa writing the blog “Party Times”, James baking cakes after leaving school, and Catherine developing the range for first birthdays and children. The Middletons faced a lot of obstacles in the beginning. “My husband and I were young and not that experienced, but very enthusiastic, so we weren’t too concerned,” Carole said, emphasizing how any setback only strengthened their resolve. “We did everything ourselves. Taking orders, packing boxes, and sometimes delivering them. The children were usually there after school. Party pieces were a relatively new concept back then, so we worked hard to build our customer base and relied on feedback through letters and phone calls”. A special time, never to be forgotten.

The Middletons’ Party Pieces has now been sold, and a new era has begun. It is a reminder of how an idea can be transformed into a successful business, and how the hard work of a family can pay off. Party Pieces has been a part of the Middleton family’s life, and will remain an indelible part of their legacy.


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