Pascal soetens ed : check out his amazing conversion !


It seems far away the time of the issuance Pascal the Big Brother. Pascal soetens ed has imposed a new challenge, that of becoming an actor.

Decidedly;, the year 2020 seems indeed to be that of retraining for celebrities. After the rapper Diam’s, who is now a decorator or Rémi Gaillard who launches out in the policy, it is the turn of Pascal soetens ed to impose a new challenge. In fact, the former sports instructor and facilitator socio-cultural has more than one trick in its bag and will surprise people with his new project ! Previously at the head of the show Pascal the Big Brother where he came in support to parents in difficulty, Pascal soetens ed is now an actor ! The forties actually came to joining the cast of theMysteries of Love alongside Hélène Rollès or Benedict Dubois. And his appearance will not be only in a single episode since the forties has signed up for several weeks.

Sequences available soon

In this fiction, Pascal soetens ed will embody the role of a certain Pascal Cordier, sports coach, and a close brother of Diane (played by Isabelle Bouysse). Lost sight of for nearly thirty years, Pascal has always had a soft spot for Jane. It is then that the two characters cross paths by chance at a disco. While the presence of Jeanne and Hélène is not innocent… In fact, they are there to investigate the abduction of their friend Stephanie (played by Marjorie Bourgeois).

There is no doubt that this new role will be a new boon for Pascal soetens ed, which had almost disappeared from the television channels from the shutdown of its program on C8. So please go as early as the 7 march next on the chain TMC to contemplate the fruits of his art !


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