Patrick Balkany reveals the number of kilos he lost in prison, and it is impressive

His stint in jail has left him a trail. Patrick Balkany appeared at the exit of the prison Health very thin. His weight loss is just incredible !

Patrick Balkany is free ! Finally, under judicial control… Wednesday, 12 February, the judge of the court of appeal of Paris has announced that the state of health of the politician was “incompatible with detention“. Hospitalized several times since his incarceration, the state of health of the mayor of Levallois-Perret has deteriorated day by day, the doctor with a strong depression. A diagnosis more or less stated by Patrick Balkany himself ! “This is not depression, but it is the certainty that I’m going to die here. I feel as my health is degrading day by day. That is to say that I am 15 years old in 5 months, bah I am like an old end-of-life that sees almost naturally come to the end. Because I understand that we’re not going to get me out”, he explains to the microphone of BFM TV.

Spectacular weight loss

“I did not expect even more this time. I had six requests (release) refused, I really had the feeling that every day my health was deteriorating. I thought I was at the end of life, and that I was going to die,” he says to Bruce Toussaint. Has his release from the prison of Health, the man is 71 years old, appeared tired and thin, or even skinny…”I am degraded physically to the point where I end up in the hospital in emergency. Today I am 75 kilos, I used to be 104″, has unveiled the mayor LR. A weight loss of almost 30 pounds ! A spectacular change and very disturbing. Now, Patrick Balkany will be able to rest in him, beside his wife.