Patrick Bruel : the account Instagram of his son, Oscar hacked, Amanda Sthers are angry

It does not happen to the other, Oscar, the eldest son of Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers has seen his account Instagram hacked by a cold. Saturday 4 April , his mother, disgusted, alerted his followers of the situation…

We would like to believe that in this time of pandemic containment and acts of incivility or illegal would end or decrease, but that would be a much optimism. In reality, attention danger ! There are numerous users a little skilled in computer that prevent : – acts of piracy are on the increase. The newspaper le Monde reported recently that a long pause, the hackers had chosen to attack the parisian hospitals particularly overwhelmed and fragile in this period. They are not the only individuals are many to express their helplessness in the face hacking of their accounts, Instagram or Facebook. Celebrities, like other people, are the victims of unscrupulous. This is the case of Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers, whose eldest son, Oscar, 16 years of age, has been deprived of his or her account Instagram by a hacker.

Pirate !

A situation that the writer, who is currently in the South of France with Oscar and his younger brother, Leona had to handle solo, while her ex was fighting actively in Paris coronavirus. The situation was even more disgusted that the attacker interacts with users by pretending to be his son. Amanda Sthers has had this Saturday, April 4, to grab his most beautiful pen to indicate on the social networks : “once and for all ! My children do not have an account Instagram accessible. My eldest son has hacked his and it should be reported. People who believe dialogue with him are wrong. Please block this person.” Amanda Sthers – whose account Instagram has already been hacked and that sees the release of his new book love Letters without saying it offset – has without doubt found in this rant a little outlet. It has been a while no ?