Patrick Dempsey & Jillian Fink: From Breakup to Reunion in Venice.


A Beautiful Love Story

Patrick Dempsey arrived at the Venice Film Festival 2023 to present Michael Mann’s Ferrari, in derogation of the Hollywood actors’ strike, accompanied by his wife, make up artist Jillian Fink. They arrived together at the hotel Excelsior pier and he, surrounded by photographers, waited for her to give her his arm. So then they arrived, one alongside the other, on the red carpet. Theirs is a beautiful love story, of a love that returns when it seemed to be over. The two in January 2015, after 15 years together and three children, had announced their separation.

Trying Again

One of those sparse communiqués that Hollywood likes so much: “Irreconcilable differences” and similar definitions to say that yes, unfortunately it is over. The former Dr. Strangelove and the make-up artist then changed their minds. Leaving each other didn’t seem to be the only solution. “Shall we try again?” They must have said to each other. It seems that to reconcile with Jillian, the actor invited her “on one last trip to Paris”. And, apparently, it worked. The divorce request was filed. The confirmation came shortly afterwards from the direct interested party: “Yes, we reconciled,” said the star of Grey’s Anatomy. How? “We worked on every aspect of our relationship.” And again: “Fighting to get my “girl” back was what my heart told me to do,” the diva, always very reserved, let slip some time ago.

Romantic Getaway

In Paris today the two return as soon as possible, telling of having a special bond with the city they call “magical”. Venice, when it comes to romance, is no less. Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink on the Ferrari red carpet.


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