Patrick Sébastien, reveals what legendary television host celebrated her marriage

It’s been over 20 years that Patrick Sébastien is married to his partner Nathalie Boutot, nicknamed Nana. An event on which it is returned to the tray 12 Strokes of noon, while revealing that a very famous tv host had officiated at the ceremony.

In this Friday, 14th February, love is in the spotlight. Saint-Valentin oblige, tv programs have altered their purchasing habits to offer programming themed to their faithful viewers. Not surprisingly, the followers of Z amours have had the right to a special number, in which the candidates are appeared in disguise. For his part, Jean-Luc Reichmann also offers a special version of the legendary game, 12 Hits to midi. As soon 21h05, several couples iconic face : Laurent and Jazz Correia, Nathalie Marquay et Jean Pierre Pernaut and Patrick Sébastien and his wife Nathalie. The opportunity to learn to crispy information about these. The facilitator of 13 hours of TF1, for example, has revealed that he and his wife of 52 years, were large consumers of oysters, a food known for its aphrodisiac properties. But the former conductor of the greatest cabaret of the world, too, has made some revelations.

Patrick Sébastien has received a beautiful gift from Jean-Luc Reichmann

Ousted by France 2 in October 2018, Patrick Sébastien is back on his marriage with his wife, Nathalie, celebrated in 1998. It was shown that a mythical leader of the PAF had officiated at the ceremony. And this latter is none other than… Jean-Luc Reichmann ! “He told me ‘You are My love, you’re with couples, you’re going to be our master of ceremony’”, recalled the former mentor of Paul in a preview unveiled exclusively by Present Wife. At first surprised by this request, it has been found to have been “very happy and very proud” to have been chosen by the performer of the Sardines. It is thus quite naturally that he has accepted to render service in the father of Olivier, Sebastien, Benjamin and Lilly. “It was a gift for your marriage”, is it welcomed in front of the cameras of TF1. And it is clear that it does not wet the shirt for nothing ! 20 years after, the two lovebirds love each other again like the first day. The secret of their longevity ?“The”indulgence,” says the rival Delphine Ernotte…