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Patrick Timsit invested in charming Gard village.

The Friendship of Patrick Timsit and Thierry Lhermitte

Between Patrick Timsit and Thierry Lhermitte, it’s just simple roads that cross each other at the turn of shootings, the most memorable of which is undoubtedly Un indien dans la ville. It is a real friendship that has been built between the two actors over the decades, which now allows them to be so complicit in the comedy Sexygénaires, which will be released in theaters on June 14.

The Meaning of Retirement Age Today

In this new comedy directed by Robin Sykes, Patrick Timsit and Thierry Lhermitte play two friends, who, at the age of 60, are facing financial difficulties and are going to take advantage of their image in the fashion and advertising world. One is still beautiful, the other has never been. The question then arises as to what it means to be of retirement age today? At 63, Patrick Timsit is not afraid to admit that entering his sixties has been accompanied by many questions, which he has felt the same “apprehension” as his character, Denis. “Fortunately, I changed my perspective: I told myself that if I had less than twenty years to live in good health, I had to break life and enjoy it fully. Demis amuses me, he gets angry with his daughter when he learns of her pregnancy. Whereas I, if my son tells me I’m going to be a grandfather, I’d be very happy,” the actor said in the new issue of Télé Star.

Patrick Timsit’s Life Balance

Patrick Timsit is the father of Lazard, whom he presented by surprise in December 2020 on the show Tous en cuisine. Lazard was then 27. “I call it ‘third confinement’ because he’s 27 and part of the generation that will bring us to the third confinement,” Patrick Timsit said at the time. For now, there is no status of grandfather in sight, but that doesn’t matter, the actor has plenty to do. In addition to his full career, he founded his Seul en Scène festival in Uzès, in the Gard, and the first edition ended recently. The choice of Gard has absolutely nothing to do with chance, Patrick Timsit knowing the region particularly well. “I fell in love with this stone village thanks to the bassist-composer of the Martin Circus group thirty-five years ago. I bought a 6-meter-by-4-meter hovel there,” he said at first. But Patrick Timsit’s investment did not stop there, the comedian then saw even bigger. “Since then, I have taken a larger house, the inhabitants have adopted me. I made roots there, I come as soon as I can. I sometimes stay there for several months. Then I leave,” he added. A very pleasant balance of life all in all.



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