Paul and Hazel, speaks mother Eleonora Giorgi: “She has need of another kind of man”

The kiss between Paul Ciavarro and Clizia Incorvaia, imprisoned for weeks in the House of Big Brother Vip, you do not have surprised the audience as Eleonora Giorgi, who, knowing not the son you would have never expected a rush like in front of the cameras.

The actress speaks for the first time at the weekly Who, interviewed by Alessio Poet: “I was Not expecting a kiss so soon. Paul, unlike me, is very demure and reserved, I never imagined that in so short a time would be able to forget the prying eyes of the cameras”.

Passed the embarrassment home to see his son in attitudes intimate with a woman, the Giorgi admits he felt a great tenderness: “like two teenagers on a first date. In that kiss there was no carnality, but only so much tenderness and purity. So much so that it seemed to assist at the scene of a beautiful French film“. All true, however: “Anyone who thinks that is constructed or calculated more wrong. Neither I, nor Paul, we know what are the strategies”.

Nothing to say, therefore, on the new couple of the show, but then the eye from the mother prevails and applies the brakes: “I don’t think they are in love. From the outside perceive an alchemy interesting, what yes, but I also see two guys who met in the moments of life are too different. And don’t make a trivial speech data. I speak of experience. Clizia has a beautiful little girl, with a marriage behind him, while Paul certain situations are not addressed. I have the impression that you have need of another kind of man. But it is still too early to draw conclusions”.