Peace made between the brothers Muccino Gabriele withdraws lawsuit

The brothers Muccino make peace with: the director and filmmaker Gabriel has decided to withdraw the lawsuit against his younger brother Silvio and the single judge of the court of Rome has, therefore, definitively closed the matter.

Why Gabriele and Silvio Muccino had quarreled

Silvio Muccino was referred to the judgment for defamation against brother Gabriel, after the statements made during the television programme ‘The Arena’ of 3 April 2016 in which he accused the author of ‘The last kiss’ of having beaten his ex-wife, Elena Maioni. In particular, the law in the charge, Silvio, “he pointed to the brother Gabriel (not present in the transmission, ndr) as a violent person to have taken a hit in 2012 with a slap from the wife, perforandole the eardrum”. The criminal lawyer Carlo Longari, who has represented part of the civil Gabriele Muccino, he explained: “my members have decided to withdraw the lawsuit. It is led by his older brother, closing a story that had him very hurt”.

“The ugly quarrel between the brothers was composed. Now they can continue their profession without having to appear in court,” said attorney Michael Montesoro, who has defended Silvio Muccino.