“Peter is not the son of Carlo Delle Piane, I know him not”: the widow of the actor is clearly

(The boyfriend of Elijah purports kinship? The words of the widow of Carlo Delle Piane, Anna, the Morning after 5)

This time the girlfriend Antonella Elia and the alleged betrayal to the detriment of a competitor to the GF Vip nothing to do with it: Pietro Delle Piane has been called into question in the episode of ‘Morning 5’ of Friday, February 21 for the homonymy of the surname with the great actor Charles, who passed away last August.

Anna Crispin, widow of the interpreter, stepped on each other to make clear and clarify that you never seen Peter in his life, excluding that the man may be a close relative of the husband, nor the son , like Peter, would have left to understand by the like posts to the comments of the followers to the post that announced the mourning six months ago.

Pietro Delle Piane is not the son of Carlo Delle Piane: how did “the misunderstanding”

Federica Panicucci has introduced the topic by showing how, on the occasion of the death of Carlo Delle Piane, Peter has posted a picture of the actor without clarifying to the many followers who bestow their condolences for the fact that it was neither child nor relative. On the contrary, who said, “I didn’t know that was your dad. My condolences, a hug” and “You were a great dad, now I understand why you’re a wonderful person”, Pietro Delle Piane , it is limited to put a “like”.

“I was asked if I knew this gentleman, I do not know him. I have never heard of Charles of this person. Is not the son of Carlo, is absolutely no. I understand that it is not even a close relative. I never heard of him,” said Anne Crispino in connection with the program of Channel 5: “In this world, anything goes. I am a tranquil person, I do not have reviews. If see it with his consciousness”.

Severe the comment Federica Panicucci on the question: “And’ a lack of respect not only in respect of Carlo Delle Piane , but also in respect of his own father”. Now we are waiting to figure out how Pietro Delle Piane will justify this misunderstanding generated by his lack of clarification.

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