Peter Phillips, grandson of Queen Elizabeth, leaving by his wife: the royal family breaks up

Peter Phillips, the first grandchild of queen Elizabeth II, divorced from his wife Autumn Kelly with whom he was married since 2008. To want the separation has been a partner of the canadian which, as already done by the rebels Harry and Meghan, you may decide to leave Europe and move to Canada, his country of origin. Peter, the brother of Zara phillips and the son of the princess Anne and her first husband Mark Phillips, has made it known to be “destroyed” by the decision of the wife of separasi, a choice that would upset the sovereign, although an official statement issued by his nephew, together with the ex-wife say that “it is the best choice for the future of their children. A decision is a sad one, but that is arrived at amicably after months of discussion”.

Harry and Meghan and the scandal Epstein: the black year of Elizabeth

The divorce of Peter Phillips, comes at the end of a particularly difficult year for Elizabeth. Started badly with the car crash of her husband, Philip, continued to worse, with the scandal related to the relationship between prince Andrew and the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and ended with the most unexpected of the ads: the decision of Harry and Meghan to leave the royal family. The circle formed by the family of the sovereign continues to disrupt the month-after-month.

Who is Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips is the first grandchild of queen Elizabeth II, son of princess Anna and 15° in the line of succession. He met Autumn Kelly in 2003 while working at the canadian Grand Prix for the Williams F1 in the role of manager for the sponsorship. Got engaged in 2007 and prior to the marriage, Autumn has renounced catholicism and to convert to anglicanism so that her husband lost his place in the line of succession to the throne for the effect of the Act of Settlement 1701. By the marriage celebrated in 2008, were born two daughters: Savannah, age 10, and Isla, 8 years.