Philippe Candeloro, Richard Berry: Daughter a Twin, in Love at Miraculous Premiere.


The Miraculous Movie

The adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir will be broadcast, for the first time, on the big screen. Having conquered millions of viewers around the world, the two heroes of the animated series Miraculous have indeed been given a movie just for them, which will be released in France on Wednesday, July 5th, 2023.

The Parisian Preview

But before the country can discover this new adventure, a preview was organized in Paris, the city where the famous movie takes place, at the mythical Grand Rex of our capital. Jeremy Zag, at the head of this colossal project, had the opportunity, during the preview of Miraculous, to cross a five-star crowd. Among the guests, the director also found the young Lou Jean, who interprets the theme of the animated series with Lenni-Kim – their duo had even become a TikTok trend -, but also the former chaperone of the Miss France Sylvie Tellier, Elliott Schmitt from the show The Voice, as well as Richard Berry and his wife Pascale Louange, Miko (Michael Simeoni), Kenny G, the singer Amir Haddad, Cyril Benzaquen, Mela Lee and Cristina Vee, Laurie Cholewa, Philippe Candeloro and his daughter Luna. The legendary skater is indeed the father of three children. Married to the figure skating choreographer Olivia Darmon, Philippe Candeloro welcomed with her Luna, their eldest, in April 2000, then Maya in 2002 and Talia in 2006. Aged 23, 21 and 17, they enjoy re-immersing themselves in some of the pleasures of their childhood, including the Miraculous series, which has been broadcast in France since 2015.

The Movie Plot

In the movie version, Ladybug will have to unite her forces with those of Cat Noir to face the Papillon and his horde of super villains, while they threaten to destroy Paris. Will Marinette discover that Adrien is hiding under the feline mask of her superhero partner? Answer in the dark rooms on July 5th…


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