Philippe Caverivière, Sarah at Roland-Garros: Tender Moments & Stylish Brunette Appearance


A Relaxing Break for Philippe Caverivière and Sarah

On this sunny day in Paris, the stands of Roland-Garros were full of stars. A couple also lit up the stands: the one formed by comedian Philippe Caverivière and Sarah. The star of Quelle époque ! on France 2 and RTL every morning, found time between writing two columns to go to the tournament. A relaxing break which he enjoyed with his beautiful Sarah who we see so little. The couple wore a matching and very cool look.

Sarah’s Stylish Outfit

Both were wearing jeans and a white top. Sarah, however, enhanced her outfit with a mini pink shirt, thus confirming that she has style. If we know that the comedian loves tattoos and always wears multiple jewels, Sarah is more sober, daring a stylish pair of sunglasses, that’s all. Special mention for her short hair that gives her a Mathilda May look.

A Great Duo

In the stands, the couple was very complicit and tactile, Philippe Caverivière putting his hand on the knee of the one he loves. She, leaning on him to whisper a few words (sweet?). If it is very rare to see the couple together, it is also exceptional to hear them talk about each other. The first time they did it was for Gala and, clearly, after 16 years together, they made it clear how much they still love each other, who know each other so well and were already friends before the success. At the time, the interior designer and decorator worked in the real estate agency of Philippe Caverivière’s brother. They fell in love after 5 years of friendship. Together, they form a great duo.


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