Philippe Douste-Bazy : the ex-minister of Health launched an appeal to the government for chloroquine

The former Minister of health, Philippe Douste-Blazy has made the call in #NePerdonsPlusDeTemps to adjoin the government to extend the administration of chloroquine to all patients. A support of weight to the controversial Dr. Raoult.

Minister several times under Jacques Chirac, Philippe Douste-Blazy has renfilé its white coat of a doctor. In the health portfolio from 1993 to 1995 and again from 2004 to 2005, this cardiologist training is on the bridge since the beginning of the health crisis, the Covid-19. Very quickly, the former deputy secretary general of the United Nations (2008 to 2017), joined the reserve of health to provide expertise and support to all carers. On the ground all day, Philippe Douste-Blazy believes that it is necessary to extend the hydrochloroquine, the drug developed by Dr. Didier Raoult, all of the patients for the coronavirus. For the moment, it is administered for the most serious cases, as ruled by the High Council of public health, in anticipation of new clinical tests. Then Philippe Douste-Blazy has made the call in #NePerdonsPlusDeTemps, signed by many prominent medical.


The former minister gave an interview to the Paris to explain his position. For him, it is necessary to imitate the United States or even Italy, who have authorized the prescription of chloroquine to all patients : “In a normal situation, one would expect. But then, this is not possible in the face of such an emergency. We can’t stay to wait for the results of clinical trials so that we have a drug that has some effectiveness against the Covid”, he argues. This is an opportunity for him to come back on the controversial figure of professor Raoult, whose personality seems to tense up the government, to the point of altering its credibility : “professor Didier Raoult is one of the greatest specialists in the world of infectious disease. It is necessary to listen seriously to what he has to say. In Marseilles, he achieved good results with his team.”, he says. Support of weight that could make it change its mind the government? Case to follow…