Philippe Etchebest engages the French on the coronavirus and pushes a rant

Monday, march 16, a few minutes after the speech of Emmanuel Macron on new measures taken to combat the epidemic of coronavirus, it is Philippe Etchebest, who has sent a message to salty to its subscribers on social networks.

Monday, march 16, only four days after a speech on the health crisis of the Covid-19 that crosses France and many other countries, Emanuel Macron delivered a second speech broadcast on television. This time, the president of the Republic has shown to be much more firm. “ We are in a war, ” he repeated many times, after having called the French to remain among them. Later, it is Christophe Castaner, minister of the Interior, who detailed the new measures taken by the government, saying the word “ containment ” to which all the world expected. On the Canvas, and as it has been for several weeks now, the coronavirus was at the heart of all discussions. Even (and especially) the most inflamed. If many of the personalities have been found to have been tested positive Covid-19, others are reluctant ps to speak in order to alert people’s consciences. This is the case for Philippe Etchebest.

“It was violent “

In the evening of Monday, 16 march, only a few minutes after the speech ofEmmanuel Macron, it is on his Twitter account that the famous chef has been expressed. In a short video,Philippe Etchebest has also hardened the tone, speaking directly to his subscribers : “I just heard the speech of our president, that I find it very, very well. Except that I would have wanted to hear the word ‘containment,’ ” he began. “It is extremely important today that each and every one remains at home to prevent the spread of the epidemic. We asked the restaurateurs, bars, cafes, nightclubs, Saturday night to close everything at midnight. It is extremely difficult, it was violent , “said the famous chef at the well-tempered character. But most of all, Philippe Etchebest wants to convey a single message : “It must be really responsible. Stay at home good blood, think of the medical staff that galley and that will be still for a little while. “For the sidekick to Hélène Darroze in Top Chef,” the more quickly we will emerge from this crisis, the better off you will be. “Then, as the said Philippe Etchebest :” Stay home !

Forced to react to this

— Philippe Etchebest (@Chef_Etchebest) March 16, 2020