Philippe Juvin accuses Emmanuel Macron : “truths are not so-called “

Prompted to answer the questions of the journalists of LCI on Wednesday 20 may 2020, professor Philippe Juvin, head of Emergencies of the hospital Georges-Pompidou in Paris, did not hesitate to accuse Emmanuel Macron of lies and omission in the fight against the Covid-19.

Emmanuel Macron



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The sequence does not cease to be commented on. Interviewed by a journalist from BFMTV on the occasion a documentary in immersion at the Elysée palace in the midst of a crisis health-Covid-19, Emmanuel Macron shock the viewers of the channel 100% news reporter : ” We have never been out ” on stocks of protective masks. A sentence that has shocked some of the French and carers who have been witnesses to the scarcity of masks at the peak of the pandemic. Invited this morning on LCI in Audrey & Co, Philippe Juvin has overwhelmed our head of State. ” This is what we will have missed the most, said the doctor, head of the emergency department of the hospital Georges Pompidou of Paris, it is the truth. “ Without taking glove, the president of the federation of LR, Hauts-de-Seine has charged Emmanuel Macron.

“Truths are not so-called “

Not being able to let Emmanuel Macron to say that there had never been a rupture of stocks of masks, Philippe Juvin said : ” Of masks, it has failed everywhere. There is not even a debate. To say the contrary, it is a denial of reality. This is not accurate. There has been a lack of mask clear, the truth there it is. “According to the deputy of the Hauts-de-Seine,” there are truths that are not said. The government would have had to say from the beginning of the crisis : “One is not well prepared… there are no masks, not enough at all. That’s the situation. It is obliged to reserve the masks for caregivers. It’s going to be hard, but we will get there”. There would have been this speech of truth, I think things would have been much easier including politically for the president. ” Recalling that the president of the Republic had a duty of truth to his people, Philippe Juvin concluded : “And without truth there is no trust. “