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Philippe Risoli Bitter: Ex-Star Ejected from TF1, “Never Understood…”

Big Revelations

Philippe Risoli is back this autumn, this time in bookshops, with his memoirs entitled Dites bien à mon fils que je l’aime, which is released this Thursday 7th September by Editions de L’Archipel. It is an opportunity to make some big revelations, as he had promised last year! But it was already in the pages of Télé-Loisirs that the man who considers himself to pay too much in taxes opened up, of course returning to his involuntary departure from the first channel, he who assures in his work to have been “ejected, purely and simply”.

Depriving Himself of My Services

“There were changes at the direction of TF1 and I think that people arrived who, for a reason I do not know, were not necessarily favourable to me. Of course, two of the three shows I was presenting had just stopped, but there was still Le Juste prix. Except that in 2001, with the transition to the euro, the candidates were no longer able to play and correctly evaluate the price of objects. Faced with this problem, with the direction and production of the show, we decided to take a break. So I was not fired from Le Juste Prix, it temporarily stopped. I still had two great projects with TF1 except that it did not happen.” At the age of nearly 70, the man who claims to have been manipulated by TF1 to take part in La Ferme 2 in 2005 adds to our colleagues that the prestigious image he had enjoyed until then was no longer the case after his eviction: “Me who had access to almost everyone, overnight, I no longer had access. As if a curtain had fallen. I never understood why we deprived ourselves of my services when everything was going well and I was popular. When I saw the direction of TF1, it was always very warm, very cordial. That’s why the surprise was so great.”

Third Book

After leaving Le Juste prix in 2001, Philippe Risoli has been featured on RFM TV, Gulli and IDF1. Dites bien à mon fils que je l’aime is his third book, the most personal, after the Secrets du millionnaire and Perles de la télé were published more than ten years ago.



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