Phone Hacking: Harry Preparing for London Return, Will Meghan Markle Join?


It is speculated that the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, could soon be back in London. Reports suggest he is set to testify in the High Court of London in the legal case against MGN, the publisher of the Daily Mirror, accused of phone hacking by a number of celebrities, including Harry himself. It is believed that this time he may fly to England with his wife, Meghan Markle, who was absent from the recent coronation. It is estimated that the Duke stayed in Britain for only 28 hours, leaving before Charles and Camilla had finished the official photos.

Meanwhile, according to Page Six, Meghan has apparently “hired a new bodyguard”, who was seen with her on a walk last Sunday. The former bodyguard of Kim Kardashian was spotted with the Duchess. Focusing on the crystal pendant Meghan was wearing, which is said to “help to have clear what you want in life and let go of what does not work”, some believe it to be a message against the controversies. It remains to be seen if Meghan will wear it on her next visit to London, which is not yet on the calendar.

Phone hacking has been a major topic of discussion recently, with the legal case against MGN and the presence of Prince Harry in the High Court of London. It is possible that Harry and Meghan may fly to London together, and that Meghan may even wear her crystal pendant as a statement against the phone hacking allegations.


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