PHOTO Bella Hadid : her little transparent dress does not hide much


2020 and there is no change for Bella Hadid ! This January 14, on Instagram, the supermodel has unveiled a photo of her very sexy, that does not conceal much of its anatomy.

Difficult to make the fine mouth when Bella Hadid post a photo on Instagram. 23 years old, sister of Gigi Hadid has a physical dream that she never hesitates to expose on the social network. Clear eyes, pouty face, long legs, flat stomach … Of the strengths that have made it stand the heart of the rapper, The Weeknd on several occasions. With nearly 28 million followers on Instagram, the best friend of Kendall Jenner is constantly in the buzz. The reason for this ? His publications very sexy.

Whether it is for a calendar, bikini leopard, but also be topless under a shirt, or with a string that revealed a little too much, the model still makes up the temperature. And this is not the selfie, published on 14 January, which will prove the contrary. Wearing a mini-dress that is completely transparent, set with rhinestones and open on his chest, Bella Hadid unveils all of his anatomy. If a string cache, fortunately, his intimacy, his chest is clearly visible.

Internet users under the charm

An image which has garnered nearly 700,000 “likes” in just six hours of presence on the social network. And, to read the high praise in the publication, the users are completely under the spell of Bella Hadid. “I love you”, “too much clothes”, “you make my heart so happy”, “she’s going to kill us”, a-t we have read under this image. Decidedly, Bella Hadid begins the year in style !

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