PHOTO Bob Sinclar poses naked with a handful of seaweed on her sex

It has often been noted : Bob Sinclar likes to show he speaks. Last proof in date : this shot the DJ star comes to share on the social networks where he poses in the simplest device.

A healthy mind in a healthy body, here is an adage that fits perfectly to Bob Sinclar. 50 years ago, the representative of the french touch French has often bragged about his way of life monastic. “I’m lucky that I don’t love the alcohol and prefer sodas, he declared in a portrait that Paris Match his work. After, yes, the middle of the night is full of people who use drugs, who drink more than reason. But, as for me, I’ve always seen this business as a competition in the long term, where it should be. “As a child, his professional dreams were more the world of sports. His heroes were footballers and tennis players who lived a healthy life. “And I’ve become an extremist of healthy living, I am obliged to speak, to eat well. “Many are the times where – on the social networks – Bob Sinclar shows the result of this life of an ascetic by posting pictures of her body if looked after. Pectorals, biceps, gluteus No part of his body, no signs of any release to the delight of his fans.

Sexy Bobby

There are a few minutes of this, while it was found rather modest in recent times, Bob Sinclar comes to type very strong on social networks. This is on her over Instagram that it has released a photo of him in the most simple device. In his hands, a handful of algae hides what we cannot see. “Stop buying swimwear, advises Bob. All the world naked ! “A declaration that it qualifies as” eco-friendly “. “If I touched the drugs tomorrow, I’m sure I would die. “, he concluded in Paris Match. With this photo, it just grazes the overdose of likes !

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I AM ECO FRIENDLY πŸΈπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ Stop buying swimwear everyone has hair 🐷#votezecologielesverts😜

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