PHOTO by Caroline Receveur : check out her adorable snapshot with Hugo Philip and Marlon


On vacation in Los Angeles, Caroline Receveur took the pose alongside his companion, Hugo, Philip, and their son, Marlon, live in a mythical place of the city.

This is a well-deserved vacation for Caroline Receveur and his family. While the influenceuse has decided to grant two months leave in the family, the pretty blonde of 32 years has not withdrawn from the social networks for as much. Indeed, following a long period of work, the fashion icon has decided to give a break in the family, while taking advantage of its large community ! After a brief stint in Paris, the muse of l’oréal flew to Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Hugo, Philip, and their son, Marlon. And, as Nabilla a few days ago, the young mom seems to appreciate this small family getaway. Evidenced by the last photo posted on his account Instagram on Thursday 6 February. We see the trio pose in the sun in front of a shopping centre iconic L. Has named The Grove. “Family Affair”, this is the legend of Caroline a Receiver at the publication which has been likée by no less than 139 000 internet users.

Followers of Carolina Receiver are conquered

“What a nice family”, “They are too cute,” “Too nice photo” or “Family Goal” appear among the hundreds of comments in response to the photo. It is true that Carolina Receiver shows it is very close to its community with a regularly daily. The star has also unveiled the images of the luxurious villa in which it houses the time of his stay. A good way to maintain the close relationship with its fanbase, but also the travel time of a shot !

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