PHOTO Christina Milian : his tender declaration to his daughter, Violet, a “super big sister” for Isaiah

With the birth of her second child, Christina Milian is a mom satisfied and happy. She has shared a fabulous template with a text relating to his daughter, Violet.

Christina Milian is a real mom filled.After the birth of their son, Isaiah, his life and the life of singer M. Pokora have literally changed. It is true that for the artist, this is a first ! He shared with his subscribers in his life of dad, with his nights difficult, its clocks very early morning and its bottles at any time of the day. As for Christina Milian, her life of mom is a new beginning because it has already a young daughter, Violet, which will celebrate its 10 years on February 26. The little girl, now big sister, can count on a mom in gold, and a father-in-law awesome ! In fact,M. Pokora does not cease to provide moments of complicity and tenderness with Violet.

The apple of his eye

A privileged relationship, which makes Christina Milian happy and she wants to show it. In fact, the mom has posted on his account Instagram, a photo very touching, with her daughter , where she wrote in the caption, a true declaration of love on the occasion of his birthday party : “Violet, I hope you know how much you’re special to me. You are a loving daughter and a super big sister. You deserve all of this, even more so. I am happy that you are enjoying this moment and when you look behind you, you will recall this moment with beautiful memories”, can we read. On the picture posted, Violet serves her mother in her arms, which bears Isaiah, against it. A snapshot of a family which has greatly affected the fans of the companion of M. Pokora. “You’re a great mom”, “you’re a woman and a mom, remarkable”, or “too cute”, can we read on Instagram. A mother proud of her daughter, who now has great responsibilities ; those of the big sisters.

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Violet I hope you know just how special you are to me. You’re a loving daughter and a great big sister already. You deserve this and more. I’m glad you had a great time and know you can look back on this day and have the best memories. ***Nothing short of the best for my kids. My 1st is now double digits! Her dream was to have a VSCO themed party and I’m so happy to have friends like @wifeoftheparty to help make it possible. Lori, you’re so thoughtful and detailed (I had no idea we were going to walk into that! (And u did it so last minute, I can’t imagine what you would’ve done with more time-OMG— it was perfect) @umarkamani I’m incredibly thankful you allowed me to do it @prettylittlething! You’re my Fam & I always have major love for y’all. Violet loves her custom design Vans! And @jryanjl thank you. I wanna squeeze you so hard for helping make it happen. Love you. You’ve all made me Mom of the Decade! 💪 **Thank you @clairesstores for the #VSCOGIRL gift bags! The girls were ecstatic to walk out with a gift of their own. Claire’s is LEGEND! @thesushihouse1 you made V’s day. You know how she feels about sushi 🍣 Check out my igstory to see how fab the party turned out 🙌

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