PHOTO Christophe Dechavanne grief-stricken : this picture that makes it melancholic

A few days after the death of his dog, Adeck, disappeared last June 17, Christophe Dechavanne has made a new tribute. Its page on Instagram, he shared an adorable snapshot that they had taken together several years ago.

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Since the early days of television, many of the duos iconic have emerged. Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine, Omar and Fred, Christophe Dechavanne, and Adeck… Just like Michel Drucker, the former host star of TF1 took his dog on many trays. A four-legged friend for whom he felt an infinite love. He had managed to get him a small favor with his employer. “On the weekend, I’m going in the forest. I love running in the brambles and I go out in the blood, which is always frightening to Christopher. But life is beautiful. I am also the only animal to have obtained a badge to enter the premises of TF1“, had entrusted the legendary Jack Russell – yes, you read that right – in the columns TV Mag, in 2007. So it is with infinite sadness that the father of Ninon, Paul-Henri and Pauline announced his death, last June 17. 16-year-old, the latter was off with his master of 62 years, who did not fail to render him a moving tribute on the social networks. “I hope they have a swimming pool up there ! Hi my poto, I will miss Adeck”, he wrote on his page Instagram, sharing an adorable snapshot of him that had become a real star of the small screen.

Christophe Dechavanne always saddened by the loss of his dog

Two weeks after this fateful day where he lost one of his most faithful companions, Christophe Dechavanne is always deeply affected. Him, who is not about to forget the memory of his dog, has been very nostalgic in the face of a picture they had taken together. On this last the former host of The wheel of fortune had sported an eye patch, in order to be as similar as possible to his companion, which had a black stain at the level of the right eye. “It is beautiful when even !”, if is excited about the companion of Elena Foïs in the legend. It was not necessary any more to touch in the heart of the internet, which are also shown to be very melancholy in the face of this duet that has them both marked. “What unfailing love between you two. We will never forget Adeck, may he rest in peace where he is now,” “It’s hard to accept this separation…. I understand all too well”, It was endearing . On the funny side. Nice. A true buddy. Am sorry for you. Good luck, have commented on several of them. More than a companion, a friend.

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It is beautiful when the same eh !

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