PHOTO courtesy of Sarah Fraisou : blocked in Thailand, the star of reality tv pushes a rant


Sarah Fraisou is blocked for several days in Thailand. If she didn’t hold it against them up here, it comes to push a blow of mouth against the French authorities. According to her, remittances are not sufficiently well managed.

He was not good to travel in the beginning of the month of march. While the health crisis was not yet declared in lHexagone, many French have made the choice to go abroad. This is the case of Kim Glow, an ex-candidate of reality-tv 34, which is made in Tunisia. The problem is that in the meantime, the borders have been closed and some have found themselves in a country that was not their own. “Everybody back the ping pong ball. After a moment, I do not understand why there are no military aircraft that we make. It’s fun two minutes, but this is not our country here. It not kidding here, this is dictatorship “, has deplored the fact tv star in a rant that became legendary. But Sophie, his real first name, is not the only one to be found in this situation. Sarah Fraisou, another emblematic figure of the Angels, is, it, stuck in Thailand.

Sarah Fraisou be annoying on social networks

Up here, the beautiful brunette seemed to not really upset by the fact of having to stay in Phuket. Accompanied by his beloved Ahmed and several of his friends, she takes full advantage of the sun and the beach, as evidenced by his Story Instagram. But the party apparently lasted long enough for the former to Sofiane. In a video, the one that gets to call Sarah Fraisou pushed a violent rant against the French authorities. “They close all the borders, but is what they think of the people who do not have the means to pay for a hotel ? Who do not have the resources to pay for the food ? Which are the basis for gone on holiday with a limited budget, and who now find themselves at the airport to sleep on the floor, to wait until there’s a flight ? There are flights now that are more than 2000 euros “, rose up the former candidate of the Princes of love. Luckily, the starlet, she does not have this problem.


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