PHOTO Elodie Frégé shows her stockings and publishes a message very enigmatic

Elodie Frégé was published on Instagram a shot where she goes back to her dress and shows her stockings. The sexy picture is accompanied by a mysterious message that has worried some of his fans.

The year-end holiday season have apparently not spent as planned to Elodie Frégé. It is in any case that suggests the message posted on Instagram by the former winner of the Star Academy. The one who had won the contest in 2004 published on the web a cliché sexy which has made the happiness of his fans. Sitting on a sofa, the pretty redhead poses in a green dress, she has to rise so that we see its bottom.

The subscribers of Elodie Frégé are all fallen under the charm of the singer of 37 years. But some have also carefully read the lengthy caption that accompanies the photo sexy. In this long-enigmatic message the musician is back on the day where she posed in front of the lens and where it was ” clearly ready to celebrate Christmas… “Celebrating the end of the year with his ” bubble hand “ in the ” arms of a precious “ was the dearest wish of Elodie Frégé.

A message that is of concern

In his text, the singer suggests that it has not been the case. ” I was ready, yes. To many things… And then… “, wrote Elodie Frégé before you add an emoji ” bomb “ and an explosion. Without saying more, she hopes that the Christmas of his fans has been ” positively explosive “. She adds : ” And that these last few days of the year you will leave also on the floor, but died of happiness “. In a relationship with Gian Marco Tavani, a former candidate for the Bachelor’s degree, since a little over a year ago, Elodie Frégé is once again single ? This is what some people think of his fans. In the comments, a user wishes to be the star of the “find a love “that” will make smile forever… “

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[ Day (un) Feast 🎄] . . Oh, yeah, that day I was obviously already ready to celebrate Christmas… more ready than ever even, the better prepared that person to relive a Christmas even more magical than the previous one, my bubbles with the hand, my thread of lurex tight behind my knees, ready to unsheathe my most beautiful dances improvised in the arms of someone precious to my heart… It casts no? It’s all there ( on the picture ). . . I love this campaign for @cervinparisofficial … ✨ . . I was ready, yes. To many things… And then …💣💥 . . I hope that your Christmas season has been positively explosive, do we mean well… and that these last few days of the year you will leave also on the floor, but died of happiness 💫 . . It seems that today is a new Moon, and that it is combined with a solar eclipse… 🌙🌞 It also seems that it makes beautiful waves, surprises, bright and pure luck, renewal… What an unexpected gift for Christmas… 🌟 WE SHARE ??? I wish you all to receive the upheavals beneficial and the powers of the last moon of 2019 in the heart… ♥️ . . I no longer believe that santa drops me off a day whatever it might be hoped, fiercely, at the foot of the tree,…on the other hand, I believe in the generosity, the energy shared, the tenacity to move forward the heart and mind open to the possible, and the good star of each of us, to be cherished even by the overcast sky. . . ————– . . #Repost @cervinparisofficial — Brand New! #maisoncervin presents Pure 15 Lurex RHT Seam Nylon Stockings with golden or silver Lurex back seams. Time to party! @elodiefrege for @cervinparisofficial . . . @elodiefrege wears out Pure 15 Lurex RHT Seam Nylon Stockings Black/golden Seam . . . 📷 @c. andreaphotographe AD: Isabelle Bordji Make-up & Hair: @milyserebrenik Wizard: @perljin Dress: @alexismabille Heels: @maisonernest Gorgeous @renaissancerepublique #cervinparisofficial #matterhorn #elodiefrege #frenchstar #brandnew #since1920 #garterandstockings #lurex #timetoparty #timetoshine #christmastimeiscoming #madeinfrance🇫🇷

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