PHOTO Iris Mittenaere impersonator an american actress, she is asking its subscribers to validate


Iris Mittenaere has proposed a small game to its subscribers on Instagram this Wednesday, march 25. Often compared to an actress of american tv series, the ex-Miss Universe has asked the opinions of other internet users.

Since she has been elected Miss France and then Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere was accustomed to his pace of life to a hundred at a time. Confined as the most French because of the outbreak of coronavirus, the young woman of 27 years has seen his agenda considerably lighten. His performances at the Paradis Latin and the other discontinued projects, she enjoys all his free time in his parisian apartment with his sweetheart, Diego El Glaoui. “We are still in the house every two to protect each other, our families, and each be more vulnerable… it is important to respect this. There are 10 days in South Africa I dreamed of finding this person and never leave it. Now I wonder how am I going to take “, she had joked on the social networks, a few days ago.

Still in love, the couple seems to be good and kid each other at the slightest opportunity. Thanks to a relative of the latter, fans of the former beauty queen would learn that the business man has a little bit of a maniac. “Shocked that Diego El Glaoui has not ironed the bed sheets. It has changed, ” wrote the sister of Diego in a comment to a photo published by Iris Mittenaere. The latter had retorted : “You saw that ? We feel a profound disorganization because of this period ! I’m going to take her to see a shrink. He has not cleaned the apartment three times since a week. “This Wednesday, march 25, the beautiful brunette has without a doubt been taking advantage of a new session of the household of his beloved to have a little fun with his followers on Instagram.

Iris Mittenaere the cast of Desperate Housewives

In the story, Iris Mittenaere has shared the publication of an internet user who compares it to… Teri Hatcher ! A resemblance confirmed by the ex-Miss Universe who explains : “Yeah, I think that it is the same family. Since I was 17 years old, I am told that I look like her. “Beneath this message, she then asked her fans if they liked them also this look-alike. The story does not say however if the star of Desperate Housewives has also been confused with the pretty French when the latter has been crowned Miss Universe !


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