PHOTO Iris Mittenaere in a swimsuit on her balcony, to the delight of its subscribers (and its neighbours)

Saturday 23 may, Iris Mittenaere shared on social networks a video where she appears in a swimsuit (very) high-cut on her balcony, to the delight of its subscribers subjugated… and its neighbors can enjoy the view.

Iris Mittenaere



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Since 11 may, the containment is completed. But the conditions of the déconfinement are stringent, in particular in the Ile-de-France, always in the red zone. As everywhere, the bars, the restaurants and cafes are still closed. The nearest public transport links are accessible outside of peak hours without an employment certificate. And the parks are always denied access. For sunbathing, Iris Mittenaere has, therefore, found another solution : install on his balcony. What delight his neighbours no doubt. In fact, on the video that she posted on Instagram Saturday, may 23rd, you can see the windows of the buildings opposite, giving on the balcony where she posed in a bathing suit pink (very) high-cut, revealing her chest bulged. “The neighbors must be very happy “, ” The neighbors must be thrilled to have a miss in front “, ” The neighbors must have a super view “, commented on its subscribers. Unfortunately for his neighbours, Iris Mittenaere did not have to stay a long time on his balcony.

You are our ray of sun

In fact, she was disappointed to see that the sun was gone. “Finally feeling those spring vibes [translation : “lastly, I feel the vibe of spring”]. Why when the weekend arrives, the sun decides to take its leave ? “, she wrote on Instagram. But if Iris Mittenaere has not felt the warmth of the rays of the sun, its subscribers are, themselves, were amazed. Among the many comments on its plastic dream – ” too beautiful “, ” a bomb anatomical “, ” beautiful “, ” sublime “, one can read -, the former beauty queen has had poems about its beauty : “You are our ray of sunshine,” wrote one user, while others commented : “You are radiant “, ” Beautiful as a spring “, ” A flower among flowers “. “It is you, the sun ! You are the sun out of your 2.4 million subscribers “, ” The sun is taking leave ? I can see the sun sitting on the balcony “, can we also read. What warm the heart of Iris Mittenaere, in the absence of sun rays to warm his body !

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Finally feeling those spring vibes🌸🌞 Why when the weekend arrives, the sun decides to take its leave ? …

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