PHOTO Iris Mittenaere requested in marriage by her beloved Diego to New York ? Internet ignite


Iris Mittenaere and his companion, Diego El Glaoui have laid their suitcases for a few days in New York. The lovebirds have been filmed by French tourists, convinced of having witnessed a marriage proposal.

What is it that goes up, that rhymes with always ? Love it ! The chorus, the lovely Iris Mittenaere knows that all too well. In a relationship for several months with the head of the company Diego El Glaoui, the former Miss Universe did not hide his happiness. All the occasions are good to show his countenance radiant with his companion on the social networks. On the occasion of its 27th anniversary, which was celebrated a few days ago, the host of Ninja Warrior had also taken the opportunity to speak soft words to his ” evidence “. Touched in the heart, the latter had dared to turn a statement inflamed. “That history will repeat itself each year, until the cake is no longer big enough to fit all the candles of our old age, ” he wrote.

On the same wave length, the lovebirds spin always the perfect love. And of course, it is all that they are rendered last weekend at the marriage of Laurence Druart, the mother of Iris Mittenaere. It is necessary to believe that this ceremony romantic celebrated in the North of France gave them ideas. On a trip to New York for several days, the couple thoroughly enjoyed their stay in the Big apple. Impossible for them not to be tempted by a few slips on the ice rink of the Rockefeller center. Spotted by French tourists on the ice, they were filmed in a particular time.

Iris Mittenaere soon married to Diego El Glaoui ?

Diego El Glaoui appears to the knees in the face of the pretty brunette. It was not necessary any more to the spectators to imagine that a marriage proposal was happening under their eyes. In discovering the images, the couple has reacted to turn in their stories Instagram. The darling Miss France 2016 has commented on the scene with émojis crying of laughter. For its part, Iris Mittenaere replied : ” Ahaha ! No ! “. The young man had a knee on the ground, but it was just to photograph her beautiful. The ring on the finger, so this is not for everyone.


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