PHOTO Jarry gaga of her children : her sweet message to their four-year

Four years ago, the life of Jarry toppled forever. The comedian became a dad of twins, born of a surrogacy carried out abroad. Gaga of his children, he has sent a lovely message on Instagram for their birthday.




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There are days in the life of a man which are to mark a white stone. On the 30th of June is one to Jarry. The comedian, 42-year-old has seen her life be completely turned upside down in 2016. The showman became the dad of twins through gestational surrogacy in the United States, a practice prohibited in France : “I would like to clarify that this is not by choice. I had hired an adoption with my companion. It is important to know that adopting in this country for a homosexual couple, it is even longer and in addition gives you children “peculiarities” as they say, he said in That will not come out of here. This is absolutely disgraceful in this country in 2019. There has been the example of this gay couple who had a child affected by the aids and put in their welcome letter “You know the problem”. Because I find that it is just an aberration, we turned to the GPA in the United States “.

Her tender message to his children

If Jarry and his companion were finally able to become parents, the course has also been difficult in America. So celebrate four years of their twins is a great happiness. This is the reason for which the great friend of Arthur sent them a nice message on his account Instagram : “Four years already my babies ! The time passes quickly and the nonsense grow up ! A dad, a happy family. Happy birthday, ” one can read in the caption of a photo of his children back, backpack on the shoulders. Jarry has never hidden his closeness with his children. It had a lot of laughs to the viewers during the confinement, and was even used them to take revenge on a neighbor whose tolerance was not the main quality. A complicity solid proof.

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4 years already my babies ! The time passes quickly and the nonsense grow up ❤️ a dad, a happy family, happy birthday 🍰

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