PHOTO Jérémy Frérot unrecognizable on Instagram, his fans laughing and it’s very funny

This Thursday, July 30, Jérémy Frérot has shared on his account Instagram, a new picture of him on which he appears… transformed. It was not necessary any more for his fans teases him about this amazing image.

Jérémy Frérot



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But what happened to the beautiful Jérémy Frérot ? Since it has been discovered to the general public in The Voice alongside Florian Delavega, the singer is the darling of the young women. And not only for his talent as a singer. Her pretty face is not there for nothing. His side, the solar lights up the room. A single look from him would melt the heart of anyone. His smile pest arouses the hearts. No luck for singles, hers is already taken. For more than five years, it file the perfect love with Laure Manaudou, not missing to the amusement of the Canvas with their challenges crazy. And for the past three years, he is the dad filled a small Lou (as well as the father-in-law of Manon, now ten years old). Except that there is a shadow at the table : a snapshot, posted on his account Instagram on Thursday, July 30 – as you can discover here. A photograph that would suggest that since his marriage, he lets himself go. The handsome 30-year-old appears to be metamorphosed. “The talent of Julien Marchal “, plays the main party in the caption of this publication.

Laury Thilleman and Géraldine Lapalus hilarious

It was not necessary any more to provoke the hilarity of his fans and his friends. “Impeccable,” says the humorist Maxime Gasteuil, while Laury Thilleman and Géraldine Lapalus are simply dead of laughter. And Guillaume TC bemoan : “I’m looking for the #CroisonsLes since just now… “, obviously without success unfortunately. However, many internet users have given it a boost, by noting the similarities that he has with other personalities : Joe Dassin, Gilles Lellouche, Colombo, Daniel Balavoine, Robert De Niro and even Dalida have been cited. “One must consult an ophthalmologist “, ” Beautiful-eyed “, ” She is suspicious of this photo “, ” He has the eyes revolvers… he has the look that kills “, ” It troubles me, this photo “, or ” It would not be a bit…bigger ? “, ” We will have to do the plan “, is launching with a sense of humor its subscribers, while others increase, by always carrying : “might have to calm down the nicely “, ” Gently on the rosy “, ” It is you there ? The photographer was drunk ? “. No doubt, Jérémy Frérot is covered… for the summer.