PHOTO Johanna Clermont : who is the huntress sexy, who is she ?

Tuesday, August 18, posters of Box 300, a streaming platform dedicated to hunting, were displayed in many cities of France. The face of the past is none other than Johanna Clermont, a huntress of 23 years, which is surprising in this environment is largely male.

Since Tuesday 18 August, you may be seen plastered in the subways of Paris, Nice, Toulouse, Marseille or Rennes. 23-year-old, Johanna Clermont is the new face of hunting. Passionate by this sport, which is a major controversy around the world, she became the muse of the new platform Area 300, a kind of Netflix specifically dedicated to hunting and fishing. If the general public would discover that today, it’s been three years that she has met a great success on social networks. But unlike other influenceuses, such as Carolina Receiver or even Nabilla, it does not boast the merits of cosmetic products… “It’s more cool to receive the firearms that the lipstick”, quips it in the columns of the Parisian. Followed by over 300 000 subscribers, it takes so regularly poses with his artillery, sometimes sexy way. Quite a contrast with the image of the hunter in the collective mind. “Like everyone else, I imagined the hunter as in the sketch of the Unknown, old, fat, alcoholic. I have just found something else,” says the one who is made known to you by posting a snapshot of his first catch, a wild boar.

Johanna Clermont uses a pseudo

If Johanna Clermont has not disclosed the amount of its revenues, it provides with the Parisian earn a very good living. It must be said that some specialized sites, including Browning, he sometimes offer weapons to more than 3 000 euros ! But if his fame has a lot of benefits, it also has a hell of disadvantages. Landed in a medium consisting of 98% men, the young woman has been, at times, very harsh, such as the entrust Thierry Coste, a policy adviser with the national Federation of hunters. Recently she has also been threatened by militant anti-hunting while she was in the auditorium of the college of Perpignan, where she studied law. This is why the young woman is using a nickname. In fact, Clermont is not his real family name. But not sure it will be sufficient to protect it from the torrents of hate that it may receive after the campaign advertising Area 300…

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😋😂 Miss my mountain workout… When will you start hunting season guys ? ⠀ In France we will start on June 2nd ! Can’t wait⏳😃 ⠀ #huntress #mountainhunting #outdoors #hunting #hunting #caccia #huntress #caza #jagt #jakt #stalking

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