PHOTO Julien Sznejderman : the famous candidate of Secret Story is in a relationship with a ” girl “

Julien Sznejderman, candidate for cult of the sixth season of Secret Story, is no longer a heart to take. As revealed by his page on Instagram, he is in a relationship with a certain Celine, who is none other than the daughter of a very famous chef.

Secret Story is one of those programs that have marked the spirit of the French. Launched in 2007 on TF1, it has been followed by millions of viewers. Three years after the final shutdown of the program, many candidates are still talking about them ! Some for their brilliant conversion – like Audrey Mazens, which became the host for american tv, some for their sentimental life fully. This is the case of Julien Sznejderman, that viewers have discovered at the same time as Nadège Lacroix during the sixth season of the game hosted by Benjamin Castaldi. At that time, the candidate who had the secret to be the “access code to the secret of the house”, had started a romantic relationship with Fanny, one of its competitors. A story which had lasted not less than three years, before the two lovebirds do finally decide to break. But not what to pack for the fans of the beautiful brown ! Although separate from the one who became a makeup artist for the brand, Kat Von D, it is still not a heart to take…

Julien Sznejderman crazy in love with Celine Mori

A model since the age of 18 years of age, Julien Sznejderman has continued her career in the fashion to his exit from the House of secrets. It is as well that one fine day, he met the one who now shares his life. It comes to Celine, the daughter of the famous restaurateur Massimo Mori. Director of public relations, a restaurateur and a member of the Leaders Club, which brings together catering professionals in search of growth and innovation, it is a true high priestess of the night world. A status that it must, in particular, the Mori Venice Bar, an institution she holds with her father, and where many personalities. More fulfilled than ever, the two lovers do not hesitate to post on the social networks. Be it kissing or dinner with friends, they immortalize the least of their moments together. But for the time being, difficult to tell since when they are couple. One thing is for sure : the flame is not near off!”

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Love , friends and love again

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