PHOTO Karine Ferri : the reunion with Yoann Gourcuff that she expected so much

After several days in Morocco for professional reasons, Karine Ferri is back in Britain, where she lives with her husband and children. A reunion that bring joy. Especially as this Friday 14 February is a day a little special, as it is dedicated to love.

She would not have missed this day for anything in the world. Romantic and always in love with Yoann Gourcuff nearly ten years after their meeting, Karine Ferri wanted to spend Valentine’s day with the one she loves the most in the world. This was not, however, a foregone conclusion. For the past several months, the presenter of TF1 is working on a new secret project that she ” tease “, however, regularly on his account Instagram. Project for which she stayed in Morocco. Since a few days, Karine Ferri sharing in the effect of videos and photographs of this trip including a photo shoot which took place in Agadir.

Back-to-school time for Valentine’s day

But all good things must come to an end. That does not seem to grieve Karine Ferri. On the contrary. If it has left the sun and the moroccan warmth, this is for something more comfortable. And for good reason, the accomplice of Camille Combal is ready to find his family, so dear to his heart. This Friday 14 February, the facilitator has in effect posted in story of his account Instagram a photo of her in a train. It appears there screw-on cap on the head and wrapped in a large cloak. Karine Ferri could not be more happy. “Back home !” enthuses she, it seems, to angels, to the idea of spending Valentine’s day with her man.

Direction for this Brittany, where she lives with her ” carré d’as “. Remains to know that her footballer husband has booked as a surprise. It will also be their first holiday of love since their marriage, celebrated in June of last year. Apart from the perspective of this romantic evening, Karine Ferri is also filled by his reunion with his tots. There is no doubt that Maël, soon to be 4 years old, and Claudia, 19 months and fall into the arms of their mother.

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