PHOTO Kylie Jenner ultra sexy : it sets fire to the Canvas in a bikini neon green

This Friday, may 22, Kylie Jenner has warmed up once again the heart of its customers by unveiling a photo of it. The young woman poses by the pool in a bikini color neon green.

Kylie Jenner



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Kylie Jenner tries to make us pass on a message ? One could certainly believe it, especially in this time of health crisis that affects the planet. The mother of Stormi has unveiled new photos of her on his account Instagram. This Friday 22 of may, it is at the edge of the pool as she strikes a pose in a two piece swimsuit color neon green. And for those of you who don’t know, green is the color of hope. It is perhaps, therefore, the message that the young woman of 22 years would like to make us pass, on one of her photos she has not hesitated to add two small hearts green thatcould be translated as a symbol of love and times of hope.

Kylie Jenner does not leave fans indifferent

Confined in his villa grande california with his daughter and her lover Travis Scott – with whom she is again in couple -, Kylie Jenner took advantage of his days to spend time with her family. Between the pauses of tenderness with Stormi and sessions of sports, she still finds time for his fans to satisfy them. Very sexy as usual, these new shots of it did not leave its customers indifferent. Completely amazed by the beauty and the plastic dream of the little sister of Kim Kardashian, they went to their little comments. “Beautiful “, ” Why can’t I look like that after my first child ? “, ” Too beautiful “, ” Is it that you are real ? “, ” I want to make you the mother of my child “, one can read in the publication. One thing is for sure, Kylie Jenner knows how to bring hope and love to his audience and he makes them well.

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