PHOTO Laura Smet : its a nice nod to Johnny Hallyday

Far from eyes but close to heart. Laura Smet has made a new tribute to her father Johnny Hallyday in a post on Instagram. And sometimes, the silence is a thousand times better than words.

Laura Smet has no use of passing years. The time only will make him never to forget his father Johnny Hallyday, carried by the disease at the age of 74 years. Since the demise of the rocker, the daughter of Nathalie Baye don’t miss an opportunity to pay tribute to the singer of’Turn on the fire. Its more beautiful to twinkling of an eye was probably that of her marriage with Raphael Lancrey-Javal. This is the June 15, 2019, the day of the anniversary of Johnny Hallyday, Laura Smet chose to say “yes” to life in the second man of her life. On Instagram she was posting at that time a moment full of emotion of one of the most beautiful days of his life. Bound in the arms of his half-brother David, the two accomplices staring at the horizon in remembrance of their missing father.


But to show that she does not forget her rocker dad, Laura Smet does not need a special occasion. And they proved it this Friday, 21 February by posting on Instagram one of his childhood memories. We see the actress in her younger years, firmly grasp the hand of his father. Any smile, small as it was at the time seems to swim in an immense happiness. To accompany this snapshot vintage and full of nostalgia, not of word. A single core was enough to Laura to express the love she feels for the one she admires and for whom she will fight until the end. His nod was “liked” by more than 15,000 relatives and fans of the singer who Johnny Hallyday, it is no doubt missing a lot.

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