PHOTO Loana has “lost everything” : she found his face Loft Story according to viewers


After two months of absence, Loana is back this weekend on Instagram. Thinner than ever, she has won over her fans, who are, as at the time of Loft Story.

Big fan of Instagram, Loana had abandoned the social network for sharing images these days. It is very simple, since October 21, 2019, she had nothing more posted. And then this weekend, the former star of the reality show made its grand return to the famous application of the giant Facebook after a two month absence. It is with a true declaration of love that she has indicated to its fervent admirers that she does not reject. A message that is very reassuring coming from one who has lived a difficult crossing of the desert.

After having known glory thanks to Loft Story, a success story in the song and even a fashion show for Jean-Paul Gaultier, Loana is slowly down in a long descent to the underworld, between addictions and stay in a psychiatric hospital. But today everything is going much better for the one who has made dream millions of French. Recently, she released the trigger that made it sink. A way for her to put definitively behind it the dark period of his life. Because it is a Loana transformed , which is presented to internet users these days.

Loana shows his face very thin on Instagram

With four publications – two photos and two videos – the legendary winner of the first reality tv show broadcast in France has recalled many memories to his fans. Complimented under each of his posts, the one who has made a sleeve gastrectomy has still lost a lot of weight. The simple fact is, for some, Loana has found its ” face of the time of the Loft “. A user is said to be “shocked” by the last selfie of the star, which had ” lost everything “. This anonymous was not in a hurry, ” to see the photos of you from head to toe “. Loana had already surprised her fans this summer by showing her body on shots of her topless. It may well surprise them again in little time…

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A little kiss to wish you a good Sunday 💖💖 #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #portrait #loana #beauty #celebrity #frenchgirl #mirror #naturalmakeup #loveyou #influenceuse #romantic #women #selfie #love #heart #sweet

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A little kiss to wish you a good Sunday 💖💖 #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #portrait #loana #beauty #celebrity #frenchgirl #mirror #naturalmakeup #loveyou #influenceuse #romantic #women #selfie #love #heart #sweet

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