PHOTO Nabilla pose with Milann in front of the pool : a detail shocks the internet

Nabilla has a lavish lifestyle in Dubai and she is not shy to share it on Instagram. A detail disturbing about the last publication of the mother of Milann, however, has reacted to its subscribers.

The life of Nabillais a dream a lot of people. Married to Thomas Vergara and the mother of a little Milann, the former bimbo of the Angels of the téléréalitévit now in Dubai. There, the couple lives in a gorgeous home. Last December, the star had impressed the viewers with the decoration outside the standards of his house. This Friday 14 February, it is the pool of the young woman of 28 years who has been at the heart of the questions of her fans. Feast of the Saint-Valentin oblige, Nabilla has been particularly spoiled.

“Filled with love for my Valentine “, she wrote in the caption of a shot where she strikes a pose with Milann, in front of a huge bouquet of 300 red roses. But the pretty scene is completely passed to the second plan for several internet users. Some fans of Nabilla focused on a detail strange from the stereotype of the buxom brunette. In front of his pool, Nabilla was made to steal the limelight by… his dog. In the background, we note indeed a Pita that plays in the vicinity of the basin of transparent water.

The dog Nabilla walking on water ? His people didn’t believe their eyes !

In front of an impressive statue of a King Kong blue – the “Vergara Kong” – the pooch seems to even mimic a certain Jesus of Nazareth. ” The dog walking on the water it is normal ? “, asks one internet user in the post’s comments. It is not the only one to ask ” the same question “. Another adds : “ROFL, the dog he’s walking on the water, I love it “. A fan of Nabilla has broken the dream of the latter. Unfortunately no, Pita is not endowed with supernatural powers : “there is a space between the white wall and the edge of the pool on which is the dog. It is more visible on their Snap “. Big disappointment…

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Filled with love for my Valentine 🌹#femmeheureuse ❤️

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