PHOTO Norbert Tarayre poses with his daughter Aliya at a workshop kitchen

Like a lot of French in this time of containment, national, Norbert Tarayre passes the time cooking. Top chef of his three daughters, it is with his youngest daughter, Aliya, he comes to realize the lasagna house. The opportunity to pose for the social networks.

Always very proud to pose with his three daughters on the social networks, Norbert Tarayre do not forget the side to be a double-edged sword publications on social networks. In an interview he gave to Purepeople, the former participant of the show Top Chef conjured up its reputation. “They are living well. After on the social networks, it has been a little more difficult for my large [Gayane] in the past, he said. What touched me the most is that a lot of people make amalgams with my children. Then, my daughter is 13 years old, she puts some make-up, it follows the influencers… and so there are people sometimes that are a little hard with it. It is said “You can do it because your father is known, etc”, then not at all, I leave it independent. But hey, it reacts very well. She moves on to something else. “A free hand it based on one of the pillars of her family life. ” My girls have figured out a thing with me, trust, this is the only thing they can’t touch, ” added the chief separated from his wife and fallen in love again. This is the basis of our relationship. So I am an administrator, but I don’t look at what they are doing on Instagram, I dig not, and they know that they will manage themselves and that they can distinguish good from evil. “

Lasagna family

If Norbert Tarayre leaves free its girls on the Internets, it does not stop him to ask their hand and make them available to its community 2.0. There are a few hours of this, it is on Instagram that we find him posing in the sweetest of ways with her latest little one, Alyia. A photo in which we discover the youngest of the clan the hands in the flour, all smiles. Beside her, dad gives the instruction to follow. A privileged moment for our two confined that advertise to make lasagna. ” And the dough is home-made. “ We did expect no less from the clerk’s office preferred the French.

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Time cooking with my daughter …. We prepare lasagna …. And the dough is home-made

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