PHOTO prince Andrew return to public life ? The official visit, which is cringe


Prince Andrew has a new controversy to his name. This Saturday, 8 February, the ambassador of China in London has revealed to have received the official visit of the duke of York and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. What angered the subjects of the Crown.

Nothing goes more to the british royal family. Between the announcement of the withdrawal of the spouses Sussex and the involvement of prince Andrew in the case of Epstein, the queen Elizabeth II is experiencing a crisis without precedent. And this is certainly not the attitude of his favorite son, accused of sexual abuse on a minor, which are going to fix the situation. This Saturday, 8 February, internet users have discovered with dismayed that the duke of York had visited Liu Xiaomin, China’s ambassador to London, with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and their daughter Beatrice. A information revealed by the chinese diplomat on his official Twitter account. “My wife and I have invited the duke of York and his family to come to our residence for the chinese new year. Their enthusiasm for China and their contribution to good relations between China and the United Kingdom are greatly appreciated, ” one can read in the caption to a snapshot where prince Andrew appears to be all smiles.

Prince Andrew, sent by queen Elizabeth II ?

But this is not the worst. In a second publication, Liu Xiaomin revealed that prince Andrew had sent a message on behalf of queen Elizabeth II. And this, while he was urged to retire from all his official functions. “Her Majesty the queen has sent a message of encouragement to the president Xi and the chinese people : “In these difficult times of struggle against the coronavirus, I express my sincere sympathy for the people chinese, and pray that the situation is quickly under control, and that victory is made against the virus.” The message was relayed by the duke of York“, wrote the ambassador, drawing the ire of internet users throughout the world.

Become persona non grata, the brother of prince Charles has been the subject of reactions, all the more virulent one than the other. “Say hello to the pedophile of our hand “, ” The perfect opportunity for Andrew to re-surface. The Chinese Communist Party does not care about all the pedophiles that its dissidents “, ” How can they believe that it is acceptable to send it do anything in the name of the royal family ? It is a slap in the face to his victims , “one can read. The british Crown seems to run to its loss.

My wife and I invited the Duke of York and his family to our residence and celebrated Chinese New Year. Their enthusiasm for China and contribution to China-UK relationship is highly appreciated.

— Liu Xiaomin (@AmbLiuXiaoMing) February 8, 2020


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