PHOTO Secret Story : suffering from tumors, a candidate iconic is revealed from his hospital bed


A former candidate iconic “Secret Story” has announced the sad news on her social networks. After having kept the secret for nearly two years, he revealed that he was suffering from several tumours.

The last few months have been very challenging for Sacha Buyse. Some of you may have forgotten, but this last had been revealed in 2014for the eighth season of Secret Story. Candidate iconic of the programme, it was mainly distinguished by his good humor. A joy of living that he seems to have gradually lost. It must be said that for two years now, the former best friend Jelena is fighting against the disease. As he revealed himself, the doctors have diagnosed several tumors, which forced him to be hospitalized many times. What push to end the brown of 28 years, who has not hidden his annoyance in the caption of a snapshot in which he reveals under perfusion and dressed in a hospital gown. “I hope that I will announce more as there are others elsewhere, I’m tired of spending my life in the hospital, to be followed closely… I need to blow , “can it be read there.

Sacha Buyse has hidden his disease to his family

Sacha Buyse admit : it’s been a long time that ” he cached her game.” Because if he appears smiling on his social networks, in fact it is invaded by ” the sadness, the fear, the fatigue and the depressed “. But he was keen to keep the secret to preserve her family. “Grandpa died of cancer , and I had all that .. I preferred to delete for them .. I really cried inwardly because I was changing and I didn’t want to be me or pity me complain and no one understood, “said the former candidate of Secret Story. Today, things are however much better for one who has undergone multiple plastic surgery operation. To him, that is passed to the block a few days ago, hope it was the last time that he put at the feet. And this is all that he wants !

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I hope that I will announce more as there are others elsewhere , I’m tired of spending my life in the hospital , to be closely followed .. I need to blow . #byebye tumors what are begnines or not , it has always been taken on time ! Fortunately … don’t worry! I spent caps difficult that nobody suspected because I hide well in my games, in spite of the fatigue , the sadness ,the fear , depression, bad news , the nights at the hospital, the treatments that were playing on the moods and the HAIR loss where the fact that I had to SHAVE !even if ojd it repels, and some operations, as beasts are, do they.. what are the reasons why I am less present since a few months even if from time to time I make small Stories.. I felt very alone with myself , I didn’t even warned the family to avoid imposing the stress.. grandpa died of cancer , and I had all that .. I preferred to delete for them .. I really cried inwardly because I was changing and I didn’t feel like that to me takes pity, or that I complain about and nobody understood. make friends and members of my family sad …. It started by harvesting the stomachs, and then cut some small pieces , and then take treatment heavy.. this is my daily… the Sacha with his big smile he is tired here lately it is behind the ear as it is shown .. that’s pk, I am EXHAUSTED and I can no longer do the same things as before , it is heavy to live it ! I hope that I will announce that I’ve caught on the c**. A bit of humor .. yesterday I went to the block , I have finally removed all of it .. I just hope it will never come back .. it’s been two years that it lasts, and it was beginning to be hard for you to hide… let’s See the positive ,⌛️ Pr 2020 maybe I would finally be alone 💪🏽 And for the few people who were aware of it , I thank you sincerely for the time you took to take me in your arms , to listen to me , to wipe my tears . I love you❤️

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