PHOTO Sylvie Tellier “unrecognizable” according to the internet users, it reacts !

This 18-August on Instagram, Sylvie Tellier never expected definitely not to sow discord. The reason for this ? A photo of her in a field, where the surfers were likely not to recognize it.

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Sylvie Tellier take a well-deserved vacation. After you have started the search for the new Miss regional, the mother of three children, has put the cape on Corsica with her husband Laurent. A few days ago, it was from the deck of a boat that the couple took the poses in the sunset. Pictures shared on Instagram that had dazzled the users. While Leniency Botino, Miss France 2020, enjoys the sun of Guadeloupe, the patron saint of the Miss France has posted a snapshot from the Lozère on Tuesday 18 August.

In a field, Sylvie Tellier has taken the poses in an outfit relatively simple. Jean shorts, revealing her perfect legs, sneakers and a pink t-shirt, the general director of society Miss France has hands in pockets, a pair of sunglasses on the nose and a strand of wheat in the mouth. “A small bowl of nature ? “, she légendé in this picture, which has been likée more than 9 000 times in the space of almost 24 hours of presence on the social network.

“The bottom of the face, it does not recognize you “

Unfortunately, Sylvie Tellier never expected definitely not to receive several comments from fans that have told him not to be recognized on the image. “It’s not you … I think”, “It is not Sylvie on the photo, it shows !”, “I do not recognized”, “This is not you”, “the bottom of The face, we do not recognise you”, said many users. Tired, the former beauty queen eventually meet. Why ?”, she just asked to a subscriber.

And several responded to him : “The chin, this is not the same”, “The nose is different”, or “Her hair is too long”. However, a user is required to provide a response much more clear. “It’s her. It is the context that is different : the dress and the angle of view of the photographer”, has stressed the fan. Decidedly, Sylvie Tellier is going to have to get used to sow discord on Instagram !

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A small bowl of nature? #countryside #holiday #familytime #bungalow

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