Pia Balotelli, victim of racism, asylum, the story of Raffaella Fico

The racist insults against Mario Balotelli during the match Verona-Brescia, last Sunday, have unroofed a Pandora’s box. Not only was the first time that the player was in a situation like that, but in the past, including his ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico has been the victim of similar episodes, and, worse still, their daughter Pia.

The showgirl has told ‘Stories’: “When I was with him, and I got the disco, it happened to me that when you and I walked I did to the monkey because I was with him. It happened to me a episode ugly at the asylum a few years ago. A girl is given in addition to the way to my daughter: “You are a negra shit, you are carrying infections, I give my hand and take my toys”. Pia asked me what it meant to ‘negra’. How can you explain all of this to such a small child. These things are so sad in 2019. It hurts, it’s bad. I believe in change and in the maturity of the people. Other times, I fear that Pia might come across even in these things”.

Mother and daughter were at the stadium last Sunday: “we Were watching the game, fortunately has seen only the first time, explained Raffaella Fico -. Us the Mario scene, who pulled the ball and stopped the game we haven’t seen it. The little girl saw an interview immediately after the game, he wanted to comfort him. Has sent him a message: ‘Are you stupid, don’t listen to them'”.