Pierluigi Gollini is back with Giulia See: “you are my happiness”

Giulia Measure and Pierluigi Gollini are back together. With a picture of a hug on the sideline, the match of Atalanta, this year promoted between the titolarissimi, formalizes a return that must be realized in the course of the summer. Writes Gollini on Instagram: “you! the person most special to me was always beside and supported me in every moment! My happiness in your smile!”

The first news on the return

Giulia Measure and Pierluigi Gollini would have had a first rapprochement in the days of August. As reported by the Fanpage.it, the two are given another chance by following the words of those Who, in the number in newspaper stand in the first week of August. The goalkeeper of Atalanta and the singer of the duo Le Donatella have found the agreement after the abrupt break in the month of June.

The break in June

“We broke up, respected my silence,” wrote Giulia See on the 15th of June, explaining that he was not going to dwell too much and not to want food other rumors: “I’d rather be I say. I and Pierluigi, we left today. The reasons are personal. Surely every newspaper and blog will tell you what suits them, but the truth is, we know only I and Pierluigi”. That truth, according to the many rumors published in the following days, would be paid to a possible betrayal of the goalkeeper the ball to the damage of the twin Measure. A betrayal that would have threatened to put an end to a story that seemed strong and firm. A story that, in fact, proved to be based on solid roots. What has happened is now water under the bridge: Pierluigi Gollini and Giulia Measure to have found a new serenity as well as the courage to try again together.