Piero Chiambretti healed from the coronavirus: “Long illness, and despair psychological” Support Today

Piero Chiambretti is healed by the coronavirus. The conductor, 63-year-old, was discharged today from hospital Mauriziano of Turin, where he was hospitalized from march 16 last together, beloved mother, Felicity, that, unfortunately, she was infected, didn’t make it.

Piero Chiambretti healed by coronavirus: the message

Chiambretti was positive Covid-19, and after two long weeks of fighting against the virus today finally returns home. Now expect a period of convalescence. Thank you with all my heart that the medical staff of the Emergency department of the hospital Mauriziano of Turin, who assisted me and cared for with dedication, passion and great humanity in these long days of illness and discomfort psychological. You are healed, I have two swabs negative. A message of hope that I want to share and pass on to all”, is to know the presenter of ‘#CR4 – La Repubblica delle Donne’ in a note published in the afternoon by Mediaset.

Piero Chiambretti and the memory of mom

Already a few days ago Chiambretti had returned to peep on social to remember the beloved mother, Felicity, 83 years, passed away on march 21 after contracting coronavirus. A tribute to the affectionate through some of the verses of a poem written by a woman and published in the obituary: “Captured by enigma I have no certainties as to who I really, in the darkroom, he has flakes of snow continuing the game of darkness”, is the law.

Remains suspended, ‘#CR4 – La Repubblica delle Donne’, broadcast entertainment to which Chiambretti is the author and presenter, following the reorganisation of the schedules desired by Mediaset in favour of an emphasis on the deepening of the same health emergency. “The program is suspended in the framework of the regulations against the spread of the virus. We will return stronger than before”, she had commented the master of the house.

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